Soffit serves your building’s roofing system aesthetically and functionally. It helps your building breathe by increasing air flow. Based on the sales volume of homes and buildings across the US, vinyl and aluminum soffit are the most popular and affordable choices.

  1. Hardie Soffit Panels – Need a panel that helps you keep your home protected from wind, rain and other inclement weather conditions? Hardie Soffit Panel is quite simply the best option available for your eaves and porch ceilings. The name is one you can trust. It will not only stand up to the harshest climate but also adds a touch of elegance to structure’s exterior. The panels come in a range of time-saving, pre-cut widths and are available vented or non-vented. At AZ-Siding Inc.,
    we specialize in Hardlie Soffit Panel installation and have been serving the Vancouver area with quality workmanship. We have the know-how and equipment to get the job done right both for new construction and renovations. Protect your home while helping it look its best!
  1. Vinyl Soffit – offers the most affordable option and is a common choice for new construction projects as it is highly energy-efficient, durable, and pretty resilient against cracking and chipping and requires little maintenance. Vinyl Soffit is available in a variety of colors and sizes, some even mimic wood patterns. If you’re looking for sturdier choices, you can go for soffits that have a beaded structure and designed for harsher climates. To ensure the right choice, we can match the style and design of your home’s exterior.
    The choice of Vinyl soffit depends on whether the eave construction is open or closed. Before beginning your soffit project, it’s utterly important to inspect the eaves, roof and supporting joists. If the underlying materials are liable to fall off, installing new vinyl soffit is not a good idea. If there is any sort of possible damage, it must be repaired before beginning the soffit installation process. Before picking vinyl soffit, we also check one’s fascia to ensure that you’re getting proper type.
  2. Aluminum Soffit – offers a similar appearance and affordability as Vinyl Soffit. However, there are more color options for aluminum than Vinyl. It is highly durable, does not chip, rot or crack and its low-maintenance requirements appeal to many homeowners. In the event of fire, it slows down fire-progression.Keep in mind that if your roof framing is water damaged, then it must be corrected before aluminum soffit installation. You may even need a new roof. In most of the cases, the homeowners are not sure and need professional advice before they start.
  3. Longboard Soffit – Want to achieve all the richness and beauty of wood in a maintenance-free way? Do you want to install aluminum soffit that looks like cedar? Look no further than Longboard. It also offers durability and ease of maintenance that you just can’t practically achieve with wood. It is aluminum soffit and siding that comes in 24ft long lineal lengths, in either a 4” or 6” width and available in a wide range of woodgrain and solid color finishes. Longboard aluminum soffiting is much more rigid and stable than any other exterior aluminum product. Now, commercial and residential buildings can have rich textures of wood grain style without maintenance. Longboard can be installed horizontally and vertically and this offers a great way to create architectural interest on structures, residential or commercial.With AZ Siding Inc., save your time and money seeking professional help for Longboard soffit installation. Unlike others, we guide you from material selection to final installation. We also perform reliable siding renovations by using industry best practices. Enjoy the rich textures of woodgrain style while experiencing freedom from repairing, painting, staining, or replacing your soffit!
  4. Wood Soffit – offers a beautiful appearance that offers a warm and natural feel that speaks to the West Coast lifestyle. Whatever material choice is best for your project, our team members have been thoroughly trained in all soffit options and will handle the entire installation process from initial conceptual conversations with you through details of the finished project work. We’re comfortable providing you with a custom soffit fit that leaves your home, having a clean finish and an amazing exterior look.