Wood soffits look great on many homes and give a warm, natural feel. The problem is that wood rots over time. So, these days, the smart homeowners are turning to other alternatives that require less upkeep and blend with any style of home. Just like vinyl soffits are ideal choices for customizable look, aluminum soffits are preferred for their long term value.  If you belong to wet, coastal areas and you’re looking for a durable soffit option, then aluminum soffits are for you. It’s highly durable, does not chip, rot or crack and its low-maintenance requirements appeal to many homeowners.

Aluminum soffit helps to conceal imperfections wherever installed. It’s expensive but easier to install, even on the roof where the rake changes. In the event of fire, it slows down fire-progression and that is how it helps you save your property. If your roof framing is water damaged, then it must be corrected before aluminum soffit installation. You make even need a new roof. In most of the cases, the homeowners are not sure and need professional help before they start.

Should you choose aluminum soffit material or, something else? We believe that your ultimate choice should be based on your exact need, budget, aesthetic needs, durability and type of weather conditions your building is subjected to on a regular basis. We help you decide what is best for your home and install your material of choice for good looks and long-lasting results.

Longboard™ Soffit Installation

Want to achieve all the richness and beauty of wood in a maintenance-free way? Do you want to install aluminum soffit that looks like cedar? Look no further than Longboard.  It also offers durability and ease of maintenance that you just can’t practically achieve with wood.  It is aluminum soffit and siding that comes in 24ft long lineal lengths, in either a 4” or 6” width and available in a wide range of woodgrain and solid color finishes. Longboard aluminum soffiting is much more rigid and stable than any other exterior aluminum product. Now, commercial and residential buildings can have rich textures of wood grain style without maintenance.  Longboard can be installed horizontally and vertically and this offers a great way to create architectural interest on structures, residential or commercial.

With AZ Siding Inc., save your time and money seeking professional help for Longboard soffit installation. Unlike others, we guide you from material selection to final installation. We also perform reliable siding renovations by using industry best practices. Enjoy the rich textures of woodgrain style while experiencing freedom from repairing, painting, staining, or replacing your soffit!