If you want to give your home a level of warmth and beauty, better protection and increased value, nothing can be better than cedar siding. With its less sophisticated, rustic appearance, it gives enticing look to home exteriors which many homeowners find desirable these days. Here you’ve some reasons to go for cedar siding:

  • Appealing look- Cedar siding has an enduring beauty that blends perfectly with most backgrounds. Its unique grain pattern gives it an attractive look. From fine oils and strains, to solid coatings and paints, the wood accepts range of finishes extremely well. Ranging from traditional to modern, it can be used on a number of architectural styles.
  • Durability and toughness- Cedar’s has remarkable durability and outlasts many other types of wood siding in terms of stability and firmness. It’s 50% less likely to wrap, or bent and has excellent resistance to rot, bacteria, fungi and mildew. All these natural properties make it a much tougher wood.
  • Environment friendliness- Once it completes its lifetime use, it can be recycled into something else. It’s a renewable commodity and requires minimal processing and treatment. It leaves least greenhouse gases and no solid wastes.
  • Choices of patterns – Cedar siding are installed on a variety of patterns including bevel or clapboard which is installed horizontally. Some others are tongue and groove, board and batten andchannel rustic and  Go for layered bevel pattern for warm, traditional feel or add beauty to your home exterior with board and batten pattern. Cedar siding shake installations make charming statement that works well for smaller cottage styles.

Cedar wood has always be an ideal, low-maintenance sliding choice for many homeowners.

Metal Siding

If metal sliding is installed properly it can give a unique, appealing look to home’s exterior. It’s associated with retro and modern style type buildings and comes in a variety of finishes.

  • Low-maintenance option- Once metal sliding is properly installed, it requires very little attention. You’ll hardly need to do anything other than giving it a good wash from time to time.
  • Tough- It’s completely fire proof, pest-resistant and can resist any sort of weather condition. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about cracking chipping or wrapping.
  • Variety of choices – It comes in a variety of colors, shapes and finishes to suit your taste. You can find it either made of steel and aluminum and these come in patterns and textures which mimic wood.
  • Eco-friendly and green product- The sliding is sustainable choice that can be reused or recycled when its day is done, leaving a minimal carbon footprint. So with it, both- the business and homeowners meet their criteria for green building codes.

Do you need metal sliding to be done? Would you like to determine which type of metal sliding is the best choice for your upcoming construction project? We help you with right solutions and ensure that your siding is installed correctly.

Wooden-cedar/pine installation

Any type of wood siding adds natural and attractive exterior to your house. Everyone loves wood and its changing colors and tones instantly make a home feel warm and inviting. Depending on your personal preferences and needs, you can choose from several species of woods like cedar, redwood, fir and pine.  Pine is widely used as a trim material and it’s handy while installing trim on walls that may or may not be straight.  However, if you’re looking for something that takes little maintenance and offers lifetime stability, nothing can be better than cedar wood. It smells great and never rots. Wood (usually cedar/pine) is particularly popular in the west where it continues to be the top choice for homeowners due to its classic and timeless look. We have expertise to help you with fast and easy cedar/ pine installation.  Reduce your overall labor cost and time!